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Qsic Gradient


  • Retail media refers to retailer-owned media channels, assets, and collateral, as well as the shift to control and generate new revenue streams from retailers’ collated and combined efforts to manage these assets in-house.

    At Qsic, we provide in-house audio advertising solutions for retail physical stores and enhance customer engagement. We curate music and add strategic messaging to improve customer experience as an AI audio platform. Our in-store audio retail media platform acts as a new revenue stream for ads and improves your retail store’s environment.

  • Audio out of home (AOOH) refers to music, advertising or messaging that plays via audio infrastructure in-store. 
    The larger the store or restaurant network, the greater the value to advertisers and suppliers in communicating with customers via your audio.

  • It allows you to communicate helpful prompts for shoppers and improves the in-store experience, the value exchange from suppliers, and the impact of over-the-counter sales. We assess the value of all these inputs in helping brand leaders realize the value of their in-store Audio Out Of Home channel, which can drive incremental ad-spend return. There is great value in speaking to customers at the point of purchase, and Qsic ensures that retailers take advantage of the untapped potential of audio retail media.

  • Targeting shoppers during their journey, audio Retail Media influences purchase decisions and effectively promotes products, leading to increased sales. This can be done through targeted advertising, awareness campaigns, and customer engagement through loyalty programs, ultimately influencing trust in listeners.

  • Measure success through sales uplift, return on ad spend, impressions, engagement metrics, brand lift studies, and tracking attribution across the customer journey. Tracking social media for positive mentions and sentiment can also indicate successful brand engagement.

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