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Qsic Retail Media

Unlock more revenue

Influencing over 100 million shoppers at the point of purchase, monthly

Powering audio networks for Global Leaders across 5000+ locations

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AOOH OMNI-CHANNEL  RETAIL MEDIA is the leading Audio Out of Home retail media platform globally, designed specifically for enterprise physical store networks.

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Opportunities for you and your suppliers.


Partner with your suppliers by opening up your audio advertising channels. Offer advertising packages that enable suppliers to design incentives, promotions and deals that deliver awesome customer outcomes while building new multi-million dollar revenue streams. 


Unlock your AOOH opportunities, discover new revenue streams and work with suppliers to access customers while they shop, all via your audio network.

Discover new revenue streams.

DRIVE OVER THE COUNTER SALES - the intelligent platform for retail media, optimizes the advertising schedule on a per location basis to ensure that ads  are served at the right time, driving up conversion and positively impacting over the counter sales.

This is a win win for customers, enterprise and franchisee networks and suppliers. 

Find out more.

What you get Media has been designed with large enterprise customer networks in mind. What you get within the solution is... Platform

See store and campaign data and performance at the click of a button, across your network of stores or for a supplier campaign or SKU.

Audio Design & Install

We can do it all - from audio design and layout, to hardware and installation. We manage national rollouts for our partners today.

Advertising Expertise

Our media team activate your retail media channel from designing of the commercial packages for suppliers, through to content creation and reporting.

Custom Curated Music

Your brand has a sound. A unique mix of music that resonates with your values. We develop this with you to use across all your locations.

Campaign Attribution

We ingest your POS data to provide outcomes and attribution of advertising campaigns, a world first in offline attribution.

Zero Touch by Staff

Using AVA and our Zero Touch audio platform, staff in store will be focussed on servicing customers and not on the music.

Retail Media FAQ


What is Retail Media?

Retail media, simply speaking, refers to retailer owned media channels, assets and collateral, and the shift to control and generate new revenue streams from the collated and combined efforts of retailers undertaking managing these assets in-house.


Think online links and banners, through to in-store decals and POS displays, to digital screen advertising in-store or billboards - all these are included under the retailers media banner and available for retailers to use to communicate with their target customers. And sell access to suppliers and third parties to also communicate with their customers.


The closer to the point of purchase, the better.

Activate your AOOH channel today with Media

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