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Qsic creates smart environments that respond and learn with every customer. Enhance your customer's in-store experience, discover actionable insights, and open up new revenue opportunities. Discover what innovation has in-store.

  • Gain better visibility, control and influence of your in‑store experience.

  • Deliver seamless experiences through integrating everything.

  • Enhance your customer's experience and open up new revenue opportunities.

About Us

Qsic is the in-store optimisation platform.

Qsic is the platform that contextually automates in-store infrastructure and audio content to create unique data driven experiences for your customer.

We bring together all the benefits of connected IoT devices, artificial intelligence, automation, big data and analytics into one platform, starting with your instore audio experience.

Ultimately, we exist to help brand leaders understand people, their experiences and transform bricks and mortar environments.

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Our solutions

How we make spaces smarter.

Branded soundscapes.

Always learning. Always on. Always just right.

It’s music like you’ve never heard before. Music that drives real commercial outcomes through machine learning, automation and intelligence. Improve customer experiences, enhance sales and encourage repeat business.

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Intelligent audio infrastructure.

Unlock the power of audio.

Our audio infrastructure gives you the tools to turn static in-store environments into dynamic ones. Unlock the potential of integrating intelligent automation with your existing audio solution, across your store network.

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Actionable in-store insights.

Thousands of in-store tests put into action.

Learn what is happening in your stores, implement change in real time and measure the impact - by leveraging smart devices and inputs. Run tests, deploy proven strategies across all your retail locations and create a smart environment that learns with every customer.

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Our clients

Powering in-store innovation with brand leaders worldwide.

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