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What is Retail Media 2.0?

Updated: Jun 11

Recently, our team had the privilege of attending the National Retail Foundation Conference in NYC, where Andrew Lipsman delivered a captivating presentation on “The Golden Age of Retail Media Networks: How Physical Retail is Unlocking Retail’s Full Potential”. 

Graph explaining Retail Media 2.0 - Andrew Lipsman

Andrew shed light on the transformative era known as Retail Media 2.0, signalling a paradigm shift toward in-store experiences. While the debate persists about where in the marketing funnel in-store experiences belong, the consensus is that Retail Media is ascending, with omni-channel approaches emerging as the preferred strategy. In this dynamic landscape, Physical Retail is positioned as a formidable media channel, offering unparalleled opportunities for innovative advertising.

Key among the revelations was the realization that Retail Media 2.0 allows businesses to tap into untapped revenue streams through the strategic use of audio. Andrew underscored the importance of leveraging the in-store experience, transforming brick-and-mortar spaces into dynamic channels for advertising. This evolution represents a significant departure from traditional retail media approaches.

Enter Qsic, we are trailblazers in the Retail Media space, spearheading AI-driven audio solutions. At our core, Qsic delivers a unique blend of ads, messaging, and curated music to large enterprise retail businesses. Qsic's mission is clear: to drive incremental revenue within Retail Media Networks by unlocking the limitless potential that exists within physical stores.

One of the ingenious facets of Retail Media 2.0 is the integration of audio as a powerful activation tool. Retail Media Networks (RMN) are harnessing their owned audio infrastructure to create Audio Network/Radio Stations. These networks become a canvas for delivering impactful messages and ads directly within the in-store environment. Qsic is at the forefront of this audio revolution, helping RMN’s open up opportunities for commercialization of their owned media. Retail Media Networks are collaborating with Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands to reach customers at point of purchase driving significant uplift (the lowest part of the funnel). Audio serves as an excellent introduction for those looking to explore Retail Media. Its simplicity makes it an ideal entry point for in-store activation, offering a straightforward rollout with the potential for high return on investment (ROI).

In conclusion, Retail Media 2.0 represents a strategic evolution in the retail landscape. The shift towards in-store experiences as potent media channels, coupled with the innovative use of audio, is reshaping the way businesses approach retail advertising. Qsic's leadership in AI-driven audio positions it as a catalyst for driving change, unlocking the full potential of physical retail spaces and ushering in a new era of retail innovation.


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