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Our audio infrastructure gives you the tools to turn static in-store retail environments into dynamic ones. Unlock the potential of integrating intelligent automation with your existing audio solution, across your store network.
audio technology

Audio Technology

Intelligence, amplified.

Autonomous Volume Adjustment (AVA)

Our innovative and patented AVA technology ensures your retail network’s music is always at just the right volume, offering your customers a comfortable and consistent listening experience. Remove the hassle of frequent volume adjustments by staff to ensure music and messaging is delivered successfully.

We work with the best hardware brands to create smart audio environments. We control the largest installations of Sonos and Bluesound smart speakers, globally.

Smart Speakers

Our flexible media devices are customizable, perfectly fitting various retail spaces. We can seamlessly integrate quality audio for retail environments without major disruptions in-store.

Qsic Media Player

Using AVA and our zero touch audio platform, staff in store will be focused on customer service and not the volume of the audio. Qsic’s audio infrastructure ensures all Retail Media within a store network is delivered at the optimum listening level.

Zero Touch Design

Solution Overview

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