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Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Updated: Jul 8

Employee Satisfaction Increases Productivity

In-store audio isn't just about customers. The right music can improve employee morale and productivity. Upbeat tunes can create a more positive and energetic work environment while calming music can reduce stress during peak hours. By investing in Qsic's in-store audio solutions, you're investing in the well-being of your staff, which ultimately translates to a better customer experience.

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Data Driven Solutions by Qsic 

Via Qsic’s Productivity+ solution, a global burger chain achieved double-digit drive-thru outcomes and increased staff happiness and retention.

Qsic reduced the time customers spent in the drive-thru lane using Productivity+. Integrations to drive-thru timing solutions enabled the attribution of astounding results.

  • 6% AVG reduction in drive-thru times

  • 12 SEC faster per car

Qsic partnered with a well known Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) to absorb existing data assets (e.g. gamification and drive-thru timing), Qsic has shown that it can use audio strategically and intelligently to drive significant and measurable in-store efficiencies and staff engagement:

Meaningful reduction in drive-thru times

Over an eight-week trial in two stores, an average 6% reduction in time per car was recorded when Qsic was running (12-second time saving per drive-thru customer).

Productivity increased in QSRs

Team productivity and morale also skyrocketed utilizing Qsic and Productivity+.

Staff happiness and retention

Anecdotal employee feedback showed a healthy shift in staff happiness — energy levels were reported to increase tenfold alongside general job enjoyment and satisfaction.

Unlock the Power of Audio for Your Quick Service Restaurant

Contact Qsic today for a free consultation and discover how our AI-powered in-store audio solutions can transform your customer's experience. Not what you're looking for? We also provide our services for the following:

Let's create the perfect audio for your success!


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