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Petrol & Convenience Stores

Updated: May 30

Engaging Audio Leads to Positive Sales Uplift

Coles Express is Australia’s third-largest chain of Petrol (Gas) & Convenience stores with 3.5 million shoppers entering their stores weekly. Its national network of stores covers both metro and regional areas across Australia. As Coles Express is one of the largest retailers of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs), Coles Express and Qsic partnered to explore how intelligent audio on-premise can bolster the path to purchase journey, drive revenue and positive results for the business. Here’s what they had to say about Qsic:

“The Qsic system itself is smart, fully integrated, and has given our supplier partners the ability to reach customers at the point of purchase in a meaningful and differentiated way. Since launching with Qsic, we have seen positive uplift and incremental sales." Tracy Hammon Head of Marketing, Coles Express (Viva Energy)
A picture of a Coles Express

The Qsic team then began designing an audio strategy across 708 stores that would create positive sales uplift over the counter and new commercialization opportunities within the Retail Media space. After a positive sales uplift during the Qsic trials across the store network, the strategy was deployed nationally over four months. The deployment also included a full smart speaker solution upgrade, when managed by Qsic, provided Coles Express with unmatched audio targeting and measurement capabilities to compete in the highly lucrative and rapidly growing Retail Media sector.

Benefits Provided by Qsic

Leading Audio Out of Home

Qsic built all the commercial modeling for the network to determine the overall value. Designed the commercialisation rate cards based on Qsic’s world-leading targeting and attribution measurement capabilities.

The Media Experts

Qsic created the Go-To-Market commercialization collateral and sales strategy for our Partner. In addition, Qsic's experienced Media team take care of all the advertisement production and AI-optimised ad scheduling.

Positive Sales Uplift

Closed-loop reporting has allowed Qsic to determine proven sales uplift and incremental return on ad spend.

Visibility over Retail Media Performance

Complete network-wide visibility of advertisement revenue and actionable insights from across the entire store network.

Ready to Boost Your Sales for Your Petrol Convenience Store?

Take advantage of the potential of in-store audio. We also provide our services for the following:

Contact Qsic today to discuss how we can create a customized solution to elevate your petrol convenience store experience and unlock new revenue streams.


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