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Liquor Stores

Updated: May 30

Explore New Revenue Opportunities

Qsic was engaged by one of the largest liquor retailers in Australia to look at the impact of Qsic’s audio advertisement placement on driving over-the-counter sales. Here’s a summary of what Qsic focused on:

  • Moving beyond a sole music in-store proposition and explore new revenue opportunities opened up by Qsic

  • Complementing and amplifying any commercialization strategy in place across the national store network.

  • Discovering how in-store audio drives a positive impact on OTC Sales.

A picture of a liquor store

Driving Double Digit Growth in Sales

The Qsic platform seeded advertisement placements throughout targeted periods and zones in-store, which delivered individual product sales uplift of up to 58% on the main floor and 26% across hyper-localized areas in-store on Retail Media analytics for liquor sales.

The achieved results boosted over-the-counter sales, supplier revenue, and audio ad revenue. They made Qsic a cash flow-positive platform from day one, purely based on the over-the-counter results alone.

Through a combination of smart speakers and existing infrastructure, Qsic was able to automate the in-store hardware, which dramatically increased the amount of available inventory for targeted advertising. This also had the added benefit of lowering any capital investment required due to the upgrade of the existing infrastructure by the Qsic software layer. The results were exceptional - Qsic was able to:

  • Build all the commercial modeling for the network to determine the overall value.

  • Design the commercialisation rate cards based on our world-leading targeting and attribution measurement capabilities.

  • Created all the Go-To-Market commercialization collateral and sales strategy.

  • Handled all the advertisement production, scheduling and AI optimization.

Unlock the Benefits of In-store Audio for Your Liquor Store

In-store audio transcends basic transactions, creating a complete shopping experience. We also provide our services for the following retailers and suppliers:

Learn how Qsic can help you grow and improve your liquor store!


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