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Energy Drink Suppliers

Updated: May 30

Engage With Real-Time Product Demand

Qsic crafted a specialized solution for energy drink suppliers within Convenience stores across the globe, leveraging Retail Media Network's point-of-sale data to assess real-time product demand. Using AI, we dynamically optimized ad impressions based on sales volume changes, ensuring efficient targeting.

A picture of energy drinks

Audio was hyper-targeted by location, serving impressions exclusively to stores stocking the promoted energy drinks. This approach captures potential customers at the point of sale and streamlines the path to purchase for those in the consideration phase. 

The advantage lies in avoiding wasted impressions on disengaged audiences, a common issue in traditional media channels. Unlike linear TV or social media, our method ensures strategic placement, making campaigns more impactful for Retail Media Networks.

Key Outcomes

Qsic’s campaigns increased unit sales across convenience stores by tailoring campaigns based on the point of sale transaction data, creating an average increase of 12% in units sold and an average uplift of 216 drinks sold per store. 

Benefits of using Qsic

Optimization through AI Generates Revenue: AI-driven optimization unlocks substantial revenue uplift at scale. Adjustments in enterprise strategies reveal the potential for thousands or millions of dollars in the untapped incremental return on ad spend.

Contextual Relevance and Brand Awareness: Playing the right content at the right time to the right person increases relevance and likelihood of increased revenue and awareness for consumer packaged brands. This optimization not only saves time in crafting manual campaigns but also ensures that the content resonates with the specific demographics and preferences of the audience.

Positive In-store Customer Experience: Optimized audio creates a positive atmosphere, increases dwell time in-store and heightened probability of customer loyalty.

Ready to Take Your Energy Drink Brand to the Next Level?

Contact Qsic today and discover how our innovative in-store audio solutions can help you craft targeted campaigns. We also provide our services for the following:

Resonate with your audience, boost sales, and establish your brand as a leader in the ever-evolving energy drink market.


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