Intelligent audio infrastructure

Unlock the power of audio.

Our audio infrastructure gives you the tools to turn static in-store environments into dynamic ones. Unlock the potential of integrating intelligent automation with your existing audio solution, across your store network.

All seeing

See everything audio.

See exactly what is happening across your entire store network, in an individual store or with each device at any time. Ensure equipment is turned on, optimised and performing. Gain better visibility, control and influence of your audio experience with the intelligent tech that just works.

Autonomous volume control

The right volume 24/7 with AVA.

Forget constant volume adjustments. Loud or inaudible audio is a thing of the past thanks to our patented autonomous volume adjustment - AVA technology. AVA listens to your environment to adjust volume, treble, bass, and frequency of each individual speaker to find the right balance to create a consistent, smooth ambience, 24/7.

Built to connect

A seamless integration that works with your in-store infrastructure.

Our solutions work effortlessly with the devices, tools and software you use now and in the future. Our API integrates with your digital services – point of sale, customer loyalty, business intelligence, databases and more. Seamlessly connect with the devices you have, or simply use ours. It is time to play it your way.

Sound partnership

Beautiful, state-of-the-art sound.

Realise the smooth listening potential through intelligent speakers, optimised for your instore environment. We partner with the best commercial speaker brands including SONOS, Bluesound and more, to bring to life high fidelity sound and create elevated soundscapes. Your speakers have never sounded better.

Putting strategy into action

Customised system design solutions end-to-end.

Every in-store environment is unique. That's why at Qsic we design custom audio infrastructure systems to suit your stores' needs. Our in-house audio engineers design systems for some of the world’s most iconic brands (McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Mecca, WeWork) managing everything from the initial selection strategy and installation right through to on-demand support.