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Your Guide To Retail Media

Marketing has entered an era where reaching your target audience at the precise moment of purchase is necessary for maximizing conversion opportunities. Understanding Retail Media, or advertising within retailer ecosystems like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, is no longer optional – it's essential. Navigating Retail Media  can help you to:

  • Boost Brand Awareness and Drive Sales: Reach highly engaged shoppers who are actively searching for products, influencing their decisions at the crucial point of purchase.

  • Gain Valuable Customer Insights: Leverage retailer data to understand your target audience's preferences and buying behaviours, informing future marketing strategies.

  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness: Benefit from advanced closed-loop reporting and attribution capabilities, pinpointing which tactics deliver the highest ROI.

  • Outperform Competitors: Gain a competitive edge by strategically utilizing the advertising power of leading retail platforms.

Three customers in a supermarket aisle selecting items which show pop up charts of data from Qsic's analysis of the store environment and POS data

What This Guide Offers

Qsic’s platform has been designed with large enterprise customer networks in mind. We understand your need for clear, actionable information to make critical decisions. Here's what you can expect to learn in our guide:

  • Understand Retail Media: Unpack the key concepts, platforms, and benefits to gain a solid foundation.

  • Craft a Winning Strategy: Explore different campaign types, optimisation strategies, and targeting options to maximize impact.

  • Measurement and Attribution: Learn how to measure your Retail Media campaigns effectively and track their impact on sales and ROI.

Success Stories: Gain inspiration from real-world examples of how brands leverage Retail Media to achieve their marketing goals.

Things You Need To Know About Retail Media

Different Types of Retail Media

What is Retail Media? Retail Media encompasses the retailer's advertising space on all owned platforms, which includes strategically placed ad locations for a better shopping experience. Retail Media can be broken down into three categories

  • In-store: Audio and visual advertising such as screens, decals and other signage

  • Retail Onsite:  Website ads on owned media.

  • Retail Offsite: Social media, OOH, CTV, Linear TV, Search, Video, and more.

Qsic provides in-store retail media through audio advertising solutions.

Retail Media Network

A Retail Media Network is an advertising platform operating within retail environments, targeting shoppers with personalized ads during their shopping journey. Retail Media Networks can commercialize their owned assets to brands for high margins. It leverages data and technology to deliver targeted messages across various channels, driving brand awareness and sales.


This refers to the paid placements that promote your brand, products, or services within the retailer's assets. By leveraging their unique data and shopper insights, retailers can offer precise targeting options to reach highly relevant audiences at critical moments in their decision-making process.


Benefits of Retail Media

The potential of Retail Media extends far beyond simply raising brand awareness. By adding this to your marketing strategy, you can:

  • Boost Sales: Reach high-intent shoppers actively browsing for similar products, driving them directly to your listings and increasing conversion rates.

  • Elevate Brand Visibility: Secure prominent placements within the retailer's platform, increasing brand recognition and establishing your presence within the competitive digital/physical shelf.

  • Deepen Customer Engagement: Craft your messages based on your customer's past purchases and browsing behaviour, fostering deeper connections and brand loyalty.

How Retail Media Works

Retail media campaigns operate through a variety of formats:

  • In-store Audio: a medium within Retail Media that enables retailers to enhance the customer experience while driving sales at the point of purchase. Audio includes licensed music, messaging front of house and back of house, and advertising. 

  • Retail Onsite: this refers to campaigns conducted on the retailer’s online platform. Think banner ads, sponsored placements, enhanced product listings, and integrated content-driven ads. 

  • Retail Offsite: social media campaigns, search engine marketing, and email marketing are just some of the types of offsite campaigns retailers run to tap into their target audience. 


Qsic helps large enterprise retailers activate their Retail Media Networks. We provide a central platform to keep retailers up-to-date with their campaigns and curated music for your brand. Our Retail Media team can assist you in strategy, ad production and reporting.

Qsic provides its services by revolutionising in-store media advertising across North America and Australasia through its innovative AI Audio Platform.


Inspiring Success Stories


Explore real-life success stories from Qsic for retail media campaigns using in-store audio solutions and how individuals and businesses can overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and find success:

  • Energy Drinks

  • Petrol and Convenience Stores

  • Quick Service Restaurants

  • Liquor Stores


Best Practices and Tips

Now, let's go into the best practices for creating impactful campaigns:

  • Optimize Creatives: Use high-quality visuals, compelling copy, and clear calls to action tailored to the retailer's audience.

  • High-Quality Audio: Through high-quality audio, your retail space becomes a more engaging place both for your customers and staff. It also works as a secondary revenue stream for ad placements.

  • Refine Targeting: Experiment with different options and regularly analyse performance to identify the most effective strategies.

  • Allocate Budgets Strategically: Scale your campaigns based on performance and return on investment (ROI).


Common Challenges and Solutions

Implementing Retail Media also brings challenges. For in-house audio solutions, Qsic can help by providing turnkey audio as an edge-to-edge solution, ad space for a new revenue stream, increased productivity by improving staff retention and happiness, and curated music for your brand.

Retail Media with Qsic

Are you ready to skyrocket sales and brand visibility while shoppers are ready to buy? Qsic boosts retailers' physical store networks by providing audio advertising solutions, elevating customer engagement at the point of purchase and opening up new revenue opportunities. Connect with our experts to help execute a successful campaign and see what innovation has in store for you.

See what else Qsic has for you:


How can audio Retail Media contribute to increased sales?

Targeting shoppers during their journey, audio Retail Media influences purchase decisions and effectively promotes products, leading to increased sales. This can be done through targeted advertising, awareness campaigns, and customer engagement through loyalty programs, ultimately influencing trust in listeners.

How can I measure the success of a Retail Media campaign?

Measure success through sales uplift, return on ad spend, impressions, engagement metrics, brand lift studies, and tracking attribution across the

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