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Branded soundscapes

Intelligence Amplified.

It’s music like you’ve never heard before. Music that drives real commercial outcomes through machine learning, automation and intelligence. Improve customer experiences, enhance sales and encourage repeat business with carefully curated music, messaging and advertising for your unique brand.

Dynamic on-brand 


Your in store environment is constantly changing, so why shouldn’t your music? We serve up targeted on-brand audio from our extensive library based on the time of day, the store location, weather and most importantly who is in store. Over time our system will learn, predict and adapt to your changing business conditions – all while creating magical experiences for your customers.

Three customers in a supermarket aisle selecting items which show pop up charts of data from Qsic's analysis of the store environment and POS data
A customer in a brightly coloured sneaker store trying on a pair of sneakers with music coming out of speakers, and a Qsic data visualisation popping up to provide insights about the in-store environment and point of sale data


Translate your brand into sound.

Most marketing gurus know their brand upside down and inside out. But have you ever wondered what your brand truly sounds like? Well, it is time to find out. At Qsic we work with you to uncover the authentic audio personality of your brand. Use sound strategically to engage with customers and share your unique story.

Communicate with customers and staff when it matters the most.


Create your own branded communications channel to engage customers and staff via audio messaging and advertising, when it matters most. Make audio work best for your business. Use messaging to influence purchase decisions, jog shopper memories and convert consideration to tangible sales.

Two customers and a staff member at the counter of a store using Qsic, connected to a variety of data visualisations of increased profit and results of audio and advertising tests in various charts
An illustration to represent Qsic's visualisation of data and the increased profits and sales of Qsic clients


Opportunities for you and your suppliers.

Partner with your suppliers by opening up your audio advertising channels. Offer advertising packages that enable suppliers to design incentives, promotions and deals that deliver awesome customer outcomes while building new multi-million dollar revenue streams.

It's all about the polish.


Record, mix and produce premium audio content that makes your brand sing. Literally. With Qsics in house recording studio and production capabilities we can lay down a sweet track, emotive voiceover, entertaining segments or super polished ads.

An illustration of a speaker mounted on a ceiling playing music with music notes coming from the speaker while it plays one of Qsic's branded playlists in-store


Cut through the noise with intelligence.

Competition for attention is harder than ever before with the average person consuming 10,000 ads, everyday. Brands run the risk of diluting messaging by showcasing too many campaigns in-store. But how do you know what content is hitting home and what is missing the mark? Qsic’s intelligent platform makes it easy to track, measure and optimise content performance, no matter what your goals might be.

Music curated by rockstars... And machines.


You or your staff didn’t set out to be a DJ. So why are you worrying about what your customers want to hear next in-store? Sit back and let our experts, teamed with the latest technology, machine learning and your business insights, curate content that is always just right.

A Qsic client using a tablet to monitor and control their in-store environment using the Qsic audio and data insights service
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