Actionable in-store insights

Thousands of in-store tests put into action.

Learn what is happening in your stores, implement change in real time and measure the impact — by leveraging smart devices and inputs. Run tests, deploy proven strategies across all your retail locations and create a smart environment that learns with every customer.

The macro and micro view

A 360 degree view of your entire store network.

Understand exactly what is happening across your entire store network, in an individual store or with each device at any time. Gain better visibility, control and influence of your in-store experience with seamless tech that drives business growth and efficiencies.

One analytics platform

Say goodbye to fragmented data.

There is nothing worse than trying to piece together insights from in-store systems that don’t speak to each other. Our platform connects with your digital services – point of sale, customer loyalty, business intelligence and databases to give you the whole picture. View your in-store data in one place.

Measurement made meaningful

Not just analytics for analysis sake.

Stop digging to find insights. Get to the bottom of what you want to know in split seconds with snapshots and alerts. Receive meaningful insights that are aligned with your business goals. Track overall performance, measure campaign success and make decisions about next steps. Isn’t this the way analytics should be? Easy and actionable.

Build a business case

Run experiments. Prove concepts. Deploy strategies.

Are your ads hitting the mark? Does the music you play for the 3pm rush drive sales? Do higher BPM songs increase dwell time? With Qsic you can now easily test your marketing theories in stores. Run hundreds of tiny experiments, optimise campaigns and find out what works for your business. Prove concepts and deploy the strategies that work best.

Putting it into action

Learning with every customer.

We bring together all the benefits of next‑generation machine learning and artificial intelligence to keep you ahead of the curve. Our system is constantly learning with every customer, transaction and change. We take this contextual intelligence and distill it so you can make decisions today. Predict what the future holds at any given point.